RedFear eSports – CS:GO

Hello gamers, following the not very good performances of the last period of our CS:GO team, we decided to bring major changes. So without much introduction we welcome to: 🇷🇴Alexandru “starkiller” Neacsu (IGL) 🇷🇴Gheorghita Florin “GEOHYPE” Solovastru 🇷🇴Eduard “Ed1m” Ichim 🇷🇴Andrei “TheOne” Zamfira 🇷🇴Sergiu “s0ules” Bogdan Social media players: GEOHYPE – – s0ules – / Ed1m – starkiller […]

RedFear Giveaway Winter

With the occasion of the holidays we organize a giveaway with the help of our sponsor Redragon Romania ! To sign up to the giveaway access the link below and complete all the requirements. LINK:…/redfear-giveaaway-winter-by-redragon-rom… 🏆 Awards: 1. Backpack Redragon Tardis Red with black 2. Mousepad Redragon RGB Pluto 📆 The extraction will be done on 25.12.2019 on […]

Acer & Predator joins RedFear

We are very pleased to announce our new sponsors, Acer & Predator. It makes us very pleased to be with us, and the first event in which they will collaborate will be at Nexus Gamers Pub organised by UDP Romania in partnership with us on 18 August (will come back with more details in another post). Of course there will […]